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everyone makes fun of byui students and tells us all that we will find our eternal companion with in the first semester… well you were right… I did! and her name is Elissa! i found my eternal girl best friend companion fall semester and we’ve been inseparable since :p I love you so much wife! you are an amazing best friend and I couldn’t do life with out you. #herestoagreatsemestertogether #wife #bestfriend #byui

Sister Buonforte has been called to the New Hampshire, Manchester mission and is to report October 22nd!
let’s be real…. I use to not like you that much. you guilt tripped me into taking all the good barbies. you didn’t like me hanging out with you and your friends…etc. so it’s surprising to say that God is going to have to pry my only favorite sister out of my hands. I am so proud of you molls balls! you are gonna be an amazing missionary. you have such a great love and acceptance for people! love you siiiiister 💙💛 #sister #sisterbuonforte #lds #mormon #proud

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